Hypnobirthing with Linda McNeill

Positive preparation for a positive birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to Bun in the Oven Birthing - Hypnobirthing classes in Chelmsford, Essex.

* Coronavirus update: face to face classes are back! Zoom
classes are also continuing for those who prefer this method*

Are you looking for a well-rounded and practical antenatal course which fully prepares you for the big day? Would you love your birth partner to have a clear role in the birth and be able to be an amazing support to you? Then I would LOVE to help! 

My aim is to inform, educate, equip and empower. Traditional antenatal courses often offer you a grounding in birth and parenting but lack the practical elements that my Hypnobirthing course contains. Do you actually want to know what to DO in labour? And how to work with your body to make birth as comfortable, calm and POSITIVE as possible? Do you want to feel in control of your labour? 

Here at Bun in the Oven I equip you with simple but effective tools to ensure that the most important day of your life so far is not something to be feared but something to get EXCITED about.

Oh ... and if you like cake, I make freshly baked cakes for every class ... I am not called Bun in the Oven Birthing for nothing! No one goes hungry in my classes! (Currently being couriered out to you before your course starts!).

Intrigued to know what goes on in a Hypnobirthing class? Then take a peek at the video below.

What goes on in a Hypnobirthing Class?

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I just want to thank Linda for everything she taught my husband and I on the hypnobirthing course. After a fairly traumatic labour 5 years ago I was worried sick about falling pregnant again and having to potentially go through the same thing again therefore I was pushing for csection. However having done the course my mind set changed and I decided to give natural labour a go and I am so pleased I did!!!! Even our Midwife said it was the most magical delivery in the water that she’s even seen, I’m so grateful xxxx


We recently attended a 4 week course with Linda in preparation for the birth of our first baby. Prior to commencing the course, I felt anxious and that the only way for me to cope with the labour would be to accept all the available pain relief on offer! However, having now completed the course, my husband and I feel very positive and excited about going through this next adventure together. 
I feel it's important for the dads to have a role to play in labour and this box has certainly been ticked; doing the course together and practising the techniques has also given my other half a chance to be more involved in the pregnancy and has definitely brought us closer together.
Thank you, Linda, for guiding us so well!


My husband and I have just completed our hypnobirthing course and it was a revelation. Our journey to conception had taken us quite a long time so we were both quite nervous and apprehensive about everything but hypnobirthing, and Linda, have completely changed our outlook. We are now positive and excited about labour, birth and beyond and just can't wait for it all to begin. Linda's classes were relaxed, informative, fun and we got so much from them. We couldn't recommend them more highly.



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