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Ready to feel totally prepared for birth? Let’s do this!

Birth can seem like a scary prospect but as an expert Hypnobirthing teacher, I am here to help with this. Having taught Hypnobirthing to over 1000 pregnant people and their partners since 2013 and having had three Hypnobirths of my own, I will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve your own amazing and positive birth. 

Let's get you feeling...



Learn how your body works in labour so you can work with it. 



Learn practical techniques that you and your birth partner can do during your pregnancy and labour to make birth calm and positive. 



Feel totally birth ready – ditch any fear and get excited instead.

Digital Course
+ Handbook

A whole new way to learn Hypnobirthing at home

  • Incredible handbook – your own ‘birthing bible’
  • Expert ‘how to’ videos
  • Relaxation downloads
  • Journal

What my Hypnobirthing courses include:

  • 10+ hours of teaching from Linda
  • Learn all the birth essentials
  • Learn incredible tools for you and your birth partner to use during your birth
  • Gain a support network
  • Awesome homemade cake at every class
  • Ongoing support from Linda
  • £10 Costa voucher
What my clients say
What my clients say

We are now positive and excited about labour, birth and beyond and just can't wait for it all to begin. Linda's classes were relaxed, informative, fun and we got so much from them. We couldn't recommend them more highly

What my clients say

We had the most amazing classes with Linda, I can't recommend joining her classes enough! Before I started the class, I was feeling a lot of anxiety about birth and the journey ahead and thanks to Linda and her incredible book, knowledge and teachings I honestly feel so excited and ready for our birth experience! My partner really enjoyed the sessions too and we feel like such a team for what is ahead! Thank you so much Linda for everything, I can't put in to words how much you have helped me!!xxxx ps. I can't stop thinking about your delicious brownies either!xx


Helpful stuff...

We often need a bit of a helping hand to start our birth prep. Check out Linda’s introductory masterclass to Hypnobirthing, ‘How to have the BEST birth’ and a relaxation download to help calm

Meet your teacher – Linda McNeill

Hello! I’m Linda and I’m absolutely THRILLED you have landed here!

Through my teaching you are going to discover you have SUPERPOWERS that you never knew you had! My courses will enable you to have an amazing, empowering and POSITIVE birth.

Excited? Let’s do this!