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Before I became immersed in the amazing world of birth I was a teacher for 10 years in secondary schools. My background in education has really shaped the way I deliver my Hypnobirthing course. I trained in the KG method which is the only course recognised by The Royal College of Midwives. I was trained by two phenomenal women - Midwife Terri Gavin Jones, who has been transforming birth experiences in hospitals by training midwifes and birth professionals in Hypnobirthing for the past 10 years, and Sandra Handford, an incredible Hypnotherapist who works alongside Terri Gavin Jones. 

I have continued to update my practice every year and in 2022 am so excited to have launched my own course book which is literally bursting with everything I know about birth, presented in a easily accessible way.  I have fine-tuned the content I deliver to make it as up-to-date and relevant as possible and I teach in an interactive and inclusive way. It is so important to teach you skills and techniques but it is also really important that I help you learn to apply everything within the system of the NHS.

No two people or pregnancies are the same so the content I teach is not generic, I adapt what I teach to suit the people I am teaching and any needs or special circumstance they may have. I think this is really important.

In order for you to get the most out of your Hypnobirthing course I keep my groups small – max 6 couples per course. Groups often remain in touch after the sessions and some wonderful friendships have formed. This offers a fantastic support network for each other. I also offer private, one-to-one sessions with you and your birth partner, either in my homes or yours. 

Freshly baked homemade cake is prepared for every class so you never need to bring your own snacks - I am not called Bun in the Oven Birthing for nothing!

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With the help of my husband using all the techniques Linda had taught us and just 3 days after finishing the course I safely, and totally drug free, gave birth using Hypnobirthing. Linda is truly an amazing teacher. My daughter was 4 weeks early weighed 5.7oz. It was a total surprise, however, I birthed my baby from start to finish in 13 hours. I'm a first time mum and wanted to give myself all the tools possible to have a confident birth in an atmosphere that was comfortable and warm. I can't thank Linda enough. She's a very warm and attentive lady plus the cakes she makes are to die for. I recommend the carrot cake and chocolate brownie!  :-) x