Course Content - What Will I Learn?

The course is jam-packed with tools, techniques and incredibly useful information. Here is a snapshot of what we cover:

  • Breathing techniques for the different stages of labour.
  • Building up your self-confidence and self-belief. Your mind is just as important as your body in labour.
  • How to be the best birth partner ever! 
  • Amazing soft touch massage which stimulates the production of the body's natural pain relieving hormones.
  • The ‘science’ behind birth: how the body works during pregnancy and labour and how to ensure you maximise its potential.
  • An overview of labour and the best things to do at each stage.
  • Deep relaxation – an in-depth guide of how to reach a deep state of relaxation so you can have the most comfortable and calm birth possible
  • ‘Active birthing’ – optimal positions for labour and birth.
  • Working through any fears surrounding birth and learning how to minimise adrenaline. Fear results in stress/muscle tension which causes pain. 
  • Empowering couples to feel confident in their role/ability to communicate with medical caregivers.
  • Pre-birth bonding with your baby.
  • Medical and natural intervention – your options and choices.
  • Writing your birth plan.
  • After your baby is born – important decisions to consider in advance.

And so much more!!!

Have a peek at the video below to see a Hypnobirthing class being taught!