What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is preparing women and their birth partners for positive birth; where fear is eliminated and knowledge and skills replace it.

I have taught hundreds of women and their birth partners since 2013 and the techniques and methods I teach have been proven time and time again to have a huge positive impact on birth.

By the time women fall pregnant in this crazy media age, their brains are normally filled with significant content about birth – things they have seen on TV or social media or some long-forgotten but suddenly remembered scrap of information once told to them by their granny. They may have friends and family who have not had positive experiences but have chosen to tell you in a ‘no holds barred’, ‘it’s for your own good’ kind of way. Or perhaps you are already parents and your previous birth experiences have been difficult ones.

We are almost conditioned to fear birth. This is where we come in. Birth CAN be different. Birth can be positive and loving and calm and relaxed. And here at Bun in the Oven Birthing I want to show you HOW.

Fear changes birth. The adrenaline it conjures up totally hinders the birth hormones which are there ready and waiting the help you. In my classes I will show you how to minimise this adrenaline and at the same time maximise the hormones you need. Simple, right? I teach you tools and techniques such as the best way to breathe; massage to make you as comfortable as possible; wonderful relaxations which enable you to stop over thinking and controlling and feel confident to let your body do what it needs to.

But Hypnobirthing is also so much more than this. It is about ensuring you and your birth partner (because they are SO important too) feel prepared. That you know the signs of labour, that you know what a cervix is and what the heck dilation and effacing and transition are (and so much more!). It is about building your confidence so you start to feel in control of the process. When you know what to do; why you are doing it; and how it will help you suddenly everything seems a whole lot less daunting! You and your birth partner learn together so you both know how to support each other. Birth partners know exactly what to do and how to help so they feel included and integral to the birth.

It is also SO good for your baby! If you can birth your baby in the calmest way possible this has a huge positive impact on them. They do not arrive into this world in a stressed state. They benefit from your relaxation and Hypnobabies tend to be very chilled!

The term Hypnobirthing is misleading as it seems to conjure up an image of crazy, ‘alternative’ birthing when actually this could not be further from the truth. People often also think it is only for those planning a natural, low risk or first time birth. This is not the case at all. You may have additional medical needs or be contemplating an induction or c section or you may be the other end of the scale and planning a home birth, the tools are for everyone.

So let’s remove that fear and start to get EXCITED instead. You are having a baby! This is amazing! You CAN do this!



We recently attended Linda's classes which were amazing - I really don't know how we would get through the birth without them and would highly recommend you try hypnobirthing especially with Linda as she is very easy-going, informative, and has excellent knowledge of hypnobirthing and its history. She was well read on the subject matter, showing us a number of perspectives allowing us to make informed decisions on what kind of birth we wanted. The course covers everything you need to know and more and I was shocked to learn how much you don't find out from your general NHS appointments, or even NCT classes. There are so many options available and choices you have that you are not aware of. Most of all this course allowed me and my husband to bond on the matter of birth and reduced our fears, we now feel empowered to make the best decisions to achieve the best birth for me and our baby. I really couldn't recommend Linda enough, you also get amazing homemade cakes, we can't believe these classes are not part of everyone's pre birth planning.