The Unplanned C Section

Dottie’s Birth – The Unplanned C Section

I started experiencing surges at 3:30am but really wanted to stay at home for as long as possible. I began using my up breathing straight away and did some pregnancy yoga to keep myself busy. Going back to sleep didn't really feel like an option and so I ran a bath, lit candles and listened to the Colour and Calm cd. Aron was really supportive, quietly reminding me to eat and drink and packing our bags into the car ready to go. The surges progressed much quicker than I expected and Aron was great at timing each surge and telling me when I was getting to the peak and when it should be easing off. We counted down together on some of them too.
I reached a point where I knew we had to go to the hospital. Aron gave them a call to let them know that we were on our way and that we would like a birthing pool if one was available. We finally left for the hospital at about 12:45pm. The journey was longer than it should have been due to roadworks but I worked hard to stay in a calm state, listening to relaxing music and continuing with the up breathing. I also kept my eyes half closed so that I wasn't put off by everything around me. From this point on I didn't fully open my eyes throughout the whole birth. We joke that I could not pick either of the midwives we had out of a line up because I didn't ever look at them!
I was examined when I first arrived at Broomfield and was 7cm dilated, so really pleased that we'd stayed at home for as long as we did. Aron quickly made the room more Hypnobirthing friendly by closing the blinds, dimming the lights and putting relaxing music on. I got straight into the birthing pool once it had been filled and was then in the pool for 5 hours and progressed to active labour and my down breathing. During this time, the midwife was really supportive of our birth plan and didn't try to engage us in conversation. All questions were directed to Aron initially and so although I could hear everything being said, I didn't feel that I had to respond. The surges were getting stronger but the midwife wasn't happy that the baby hadn't made an appearance. Also meconium kept appearing in the water which she was concerned about. So, I agreed to be examined again, at first in the water but then I had to get out to be examined. I continued with the down breathing on all fours on the bed. The midwife was concerned about the baby at this point and we agreed to be monitored electronically. We were then moved to a high risk room because of the amount of meconium.
I continued to have very strong surges by the side of the bed in a standing/squatting position. At about 7:30pm a consultant was called and it took him no time at all to diagnose that the baby was breech! The baby had been in the same position throughout the majority of my pregnancy and so it had been missed by about 8 midwives in total!  He wanted to get me straight in for an emergency C-section because of the amount of meconium I was pushing out and the amount of time I'd been in labour without pain relief. We agreed that it was time to bring our little one into the world in whichever way was quickest and safest for her.
An emergency C-section followed and Dottie was delivered at 8:36pm the same night, weighing 5lbs 13oz. Happy and healthy and to very relieved parents! I went back to using up breathing and kept my eyes closed during the entire operation which really ensured that I remained calm. Unfortunately the surgeon would not allow us to delay the cord clamping or do immediate skin to skin with the baby but I was happy that at least we asked.

I used Hypnobirthing from the very beginning of labour, in active labour, during the C-section, on the Post Natal ward and even now that I'm home again. I'm struggling to find the words to say how much it enabled me and Aron to not just 'get through' the birth but actually stay in control of what was happening and always be present in the moment.  At no point have we felt negative about our experience, even though it was a difficult one. We are already excited about baby no. 2 and having another Hypnobirth, hopefully which will end in a natural delivery next time.

Thank you does not begin to say enough Linda. By teaching us the techniques, you have changed our lives forever in a way that we won't ever forget. To say that we are now advocates of Hypnobirthing is a huge understatement! We are now going to be the couple who won't shut up about it and try to persuade all of our friends to do the course!!

Thank you from all three of us!
Jen, Aron and a very chilled out Dottie! xxx