The Accidental Hospital Birth

The birth of Fred - The Accidental Hospital Birth 


Having worked in retail all my working life I was only too aware of the abundance of negative stories that people just love to tell you about pregnancy, birth and babies so very early on in my pregnancy I decided to try as best I could to surround myself with positivity and to ignore all the endless horror stories! 

 I was recommended the nesting place and Linda by a friend so decided to enroll myself and my husband Phil onto a hypnobirthing course (the single most important thing I have ever done!) the classes got my head into a space that allowed me to take control and forget the fear. Of course I wasn’t silly I knew things might not go to plan but how can good experiences happen if you don’t visualise them? 

 The day everything started to happen was pancake day (the best!!) I had spent a large part of the day snuggling in bed with my 2 beautiful sausage dogs which was, looking back, a lovely way to spend my last day alone! At 7pm we had a huge pile of pancakes and watched a very dramatic episode of Game of Thrones and the whole time I felt like I kept wetting myself but just a bit, nothing much, so I just kept an eye and carried on as normal. By 9pm I knew something was happening! I was getting surges (contractions) so I asked my husband if he minded to stay in the living room as I (for some weird reason) just wanted to be alone. I kept on my feet, as laying down felt too painful, and just walked around our bedroom and bathroom using all my breathing and relaxing techniques I had learnt at hypnobirthing. I kept an eye on the surges using an app on my phone and by 12.30am they were every 5 minuets lasting a minute so decided to give the hospital a call, as we were aiming for a home birth in the pool we hired. The hospital didn’t quite believe me as I had a surge on the phone to them and managed to talk though it and wasn’t making any fuss so due to my waters leaking they asked if we would be able to go in to be checked as it would be too soon to send a midwife! 

By the time we arrived it was around 1.30am and we made our way to the day assessment ward have surges at every stage including the lift! When we got there I had to do a wee test and was asked to lay down and be hooked up to a monitor - after 15 minuets I had an overwhelming feeling of needing to push so asked Phil to get help - they finally examined me and to the nurses horror I was fully dilated and ready to go! There was a lot of rush and panic to get me to the labor ward (at this stage I was offered gas and air but it made me feel very sick so decided to not have that!) I was put in a lovely room with lots of bars and I tried to get comfortable then a midwife came in saying she had got me a pool so I waddled next door and got in! 30 minuets later Fred arrived! I listened to my body and did what it told me, Fred didn’t even cry when he arrived and we just sat in the pool waiting for the cord to stop pulsing and it was brilliant!! I could not believe it - the midwife later told me she neared cried it was so calm and lovely 😊 Fred Fox Peter Stacey arrive at 3.38am on Valentine’s Day weighing 7lbs 3ozs