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There are so many amazing resources here and they are listed in the order they appear in the book. Enjoy!

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Your pregnancy relaxation class

A wonderful class to pop on and chill out to. Enjoy stretching, breathing and a gorgeous guided relaxation. Lush!

View this video here.

Positive Statements

Download and listen to these as frequently as possible to help with your positive mindset! These are powerful and very calming.

Listen and download the audio here.

The Relaxation Breath

See me explain and demonstrate the relaxation breath in this short video. This is your most important tool for birth. View my video here.

The Relaxation Breath Breathing Track

Listen to these as frequently as possible to help with your positive mindset! These are powerful and very calming.

Download and listen to the audio file here.

Touch Breathing

Watch the gorgeous Jennifer & Colin demo the relaxation breath in this short video. Touch breathing is an incredibly powerful tool for your and your birth partner to help lower adrenaline and boost oxytocin. Watch the video here.

The Sea Relaxation

A beautiful guided relaxation to help you learn to deeply relax. This is to be enjoyed through your pregnancy and can also be used on the day of your birth to maintain relaxation through your labour.

Listen and Download here.

The Rough Guide to Labour and Birth Video

This is such an important video! I'm going to explain what happens during labour, how it might look and feel and what tools and techniques you can apply at each stage. View the video here.

Down Breathing

Check out this short video where I demonstrate down breathing and explain how to do it. This is the breath you will use during the second stage of labour when your baby is coming down your birth canal and out into the world. It is a 'power breath' and will help to power the surges which are pushing your baby down and also release the sphincter muscles.

View the video here.

The Calm Arm Relaxation

A wonderful relaxation for you to do with your birth partner. They will stroke up and down your arm while you are boosted and soothed by my words. Bliss.

Download and listen to the audio file here.

The Shoulder Anchor Relaxation

Enjoy your birth partner applying downward pressure to your shoulders and gently massaging you, to help anchor you to a feeling of calm and deep relaxation. This one is gorgeous. Download here.

Massage for Labour and Birth Video

A super useful video showing techniques for each stage of labour. Soft touch massage for early labour and firmer massage for the second stage. View the video here.

Active Birth Video

Vikki Stevenson and myself explaining active birthing and showing you different techniques and positions for you and your birth partner including Rebozo. View the video here.

The Star Within You Relaxation

This relaxation is all about boosting your confidence, helping you release anxiety and generally feel calm. Enjoy!

Listen and download the audio file here.

Breastfeeding Information Links

Kerry Bassil takes you through some super useful links to help you prepare for your breastfeeding journey if this is your choice. View our recommended links here.

Handbook Resouce Hub

I have now taught hundreds and hundreds of pregnant women and their partners and it has been an absolute JOY. What a privilege to be involved in helping them prepare for one of the most important events in their lives. I absolutely love what I do and I hope this shines from every class I teach and every page of The Hypnobirthing Handbook.

What my client’s say
What my client’s say

“We are now positive and excited about labour, birth and beyond and just can't wait for it all to begin.Linda's classes were relaxed, informative, fun and we got so much from them. We couldn't recommend them more highly.”