Digital Course + Handbook

Your Home Guide to Hypnobirthing

For those wishing to learn at home, this is the Hypnobirthing course for you. A new and innovative way to learn Hypnobirthing - the only digital course to have a physical book. The Hypnobirthing Handbook is a new and exciting way of preparing for your positive birth through reading, videos, downloads and journaling. It also remains a gorgeous keepsake of your pregnancy and birth journey. 

Take a sneaky peek at my Digital Hypnobirthing Course + Handbook!

Ensure a positive birth experience with my complete Hypnobirthing guide

Ten years of knowledge, experience, expertise and love have been poured into this home Hypnobirthing course and it will be such an AMAZING tool for your positive birth prep, giving you the resources to TRANSFORM your birth experience.

How the course will help:

  • Properly understand birth. (Once you learn about birth properly, it will feel WAY less scary)
  • Learn techniques for you and your birth partner so you know what to DO when you birth.
  • Learn about the NHS and all the options available to you.
  • MASSIVELY grow in confidence and get excited for your birth.

How it works



You order and The Hypnobirthing Handbook gets posted out 
(free delivery!)



You (and your birth partner) navigate your way through the book; journalling, following my guide, tips 
and tricks!



Watch the videos and listen to my downloads as you go. The digital elements are all accessed via QR codes scattered through the book which lead to your own digital resource bank.



You feel fully prepared and confident on the big day. The Hypnobirthing Handbook is a full Hypnobirthing course.


What does the Hypnobirthing Handbook and Digital Course include?

A complete Hypnobirthing course

This course contains everything you need to prepare for your positive birth. You learn at your own pace, in your own home. 

A modern approach to Hypnobirthing with fully inclusive language used throughout.

Both The Hypnobirthing Handbook and the digital content use fully inclusive language. 


A beautifully designed full colour illustrated and easy to read book.

The Hypnobirthing Handbook has been carefully designed so that is totally accessible, easily digested and most of all super engaging. Your birth prep will feel fun and interesting. No other learn at home digital course has a beautiful, physical handbook. Having this resource will make so much difference! 

A well designed and paced Hypnobirthing course 

The learn at home course is carefully designed to make learning Hypnobirthing simple and fun. The Handbook is split into 4 sections and each section can be taken a page at a time. You really can learn at your own pace but I bet you will be keen to keep reading as you get more and more birth confident! 

6 video tutorials 

Six video tutorials accessed through QR codes in the book, take you through your positive birth tools (including breathing techniques, massage for labour and birth, active birth positions, relaxation techniques and more) and a full 1.5 hour antenatal class, fully explaining what happens during labour and birth, how it feels and what you and your birth partner can do to make it calm, comfortable and positive. (You got this!) 

6 gorgeous relaxation tracks and confidence boosting audios

Six downloadable tracks to help overcome anxiety and build confidence for birth. 

A 3 month journal

This is so awesome! There are activities and opportunities to journal through the handbook – you start at the beginning of the book by taking time to reflect on your pregnancy journey so far and what worries and wishes you may have about your birth. The second half of the book is a 3 month journal, carefully designed to help you keep on track with your Hypnobirthing, work on your mindset and keep you feeling confident and positive until your birthing day. Yes! 

Pregnancy relaxation class 

A special bonus treat! An hour-long pregnancy relaxation class to help you switch off and start prioritising your own self-care. Bliss!

Meet your teacher – Linda McNeill

Hello! I’m Linda and I’m absolutely THRILLED you have landed here!

Through my teaching you are going to discover you have SUPERPOWERS that you never knew you had! My courses will enable you to have an amazing, empowering and POSITIVE birth.

Excited? Let’s do this! 

Helpful stuff...

We often need a bit of a helping hand to start our birth prep. Check out Linda’s introductory masterclass to Hypnobirthing, ‘How to have the BEST birth’ and a relaxation download to help calm any birth or pregnancy anxieties.