Bun in the Oven Birthing is based in Chelmsford, Essex and offers hypnobirthing classes to expectant parents, taught by Linda McNeill and Jennifer Lane, qualified hypnobirthing teachers.

We believe completing a hypnobirthing course is the most valuable preparation a mother and her partner can undertake while awaiting the birth of their child. Of course, it helps to have bought a moses basket and a nappy or two (!) but giving you and your baby the best possible birth experience is by far the most important thing. As hypnobirthing mums ourselves we firmly believe this to be the case.


The course is a full antenatal course so no other classes will be necessary. You and your birth partner will learn deep relaxation techniques, massage and the best way to breathe. This will help you birth your baby comfortably and with confidence, giving you the tools to have a calm birth whereby intervention and drugs are unlikely to be needed. Hypnobirthing is not a ‘hippy’ or ‘far-out’ way of birthing. It is simply about educating parents about the mechanics of birth and enabling them to prepare their mind and body for this experience.

Hypnobirthing will empower you and greatly reduce any fear you may have of giving birth. Your body is perfectly designed to birth a baby. Hypnobirthing enables couples to make informed and confident decisions throughout labour in whatever course it takes.

Please have a look around the site to find out more about hypnobirthing and the courses offered. If you have any questions or would like to have a chat please do give us a call or send an email.