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The Village

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A networking group for women running small businesses. We meet fortnightly over zoom on a Thursday evening at 8pm and informally through our Facebook group in between. We are a friendly and welcoming bunch! The Village has over 50 members with a vast range of businesses and skills and we are here to help each other flourish. 'It takes a village to grow a business.' 


Hello! I'm Linda

 It is headed up by me (Linda). I have been running my own successful business since 2013 and think building up networks and friendships with other businesses is absolutely invaluable to growing your own. Running your own business can be a lonely affair at times and being in a group like The Village gives you 'colleagues' to bounce your ideas off in a safe environment with others who totally 'get it'. Our meetings are just as much about your wellbeing as about your business. Each meeting starts with a 'take 5' where I lead you in 5 minutes of calm relaxation to give you a little down time and head space.

 Want to know a bit more? Here are the basics ....

 The Village

A business community of like-minded and supportive females.

The aim:

To share and bounce ideas in a safe space.

To support one another and offer advice.

To build a strong network of local businesses so we can promote one another and have a clear understanding and appreciation of what each other offers.

The members of the village:

Like-minded females who want to grow their businesses and be part of a community.

Values of The Village:

Kindness over competition

Sharing knowledge and experience

Helping each other to grow

We are inclusive and welcoming (people can offer the same service or business)

We are not here to sell to one another (although we may want to use each other’s services & products). This is about a support network and building up relationships so we can recommend each other to the wider audience.

We are also here to have fun 😊.

 What to do if you would like to join us ....

Please ping me an email and I will be back in touch asap! Membership is £20 annually and each meeting is £1 to attend. If you are struggling right now you have the option of popping the code 'VILLAGE' in at checkout and it will bring it down to £0. 


Upcoming meetings .... please book in below for the next meeting. Can't wait to see you!


I would recommend this course to anyone! Linda was absolutely fantastic! She was extremely accommodating, very helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable asking lots of questions and Linda really made us feel confident about our labour and birth. The cakes were also great!