Pregnancy relaxation classes

Pregnancy relaxation classes

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*Classes resuming soon*

*Currently held over Zoom in the comfort of your own home*

It is hugely important to invest in self-care during pregnancy and give yourself an opportunity to rest and recharge. My pregnancy relaxation classes are an hour of 'time out' for you (and your partner if they want to join in). 


What happens in a class?

Gentle stretches

Breath work (for relaxation but also prep for your birth)

An informal chat (a chance to share if you want to in a safe space)

A beautiful guided relaxation (you sit or lie back and I will read a guided meditation to help you switch off and chill).

Positive affirmations to help build your confidence. 

A focused chat on a different theme each week .... sleep / nourishment / confidence / self care / birth prep ... (you are really welcome to suggest topics you would like me to cover).

The aim: 

For you to deeply relax and switch off

To increase your positive mindset towards pregnancy and birth

To spend time connecting with your baby

To work on your 'birth skills'

To build a safe community

To rest and rejuvenate


Sessions are £5 each, they take place over Zoom and partners are very welcome to join in too. 






I would recommend this course to anyone! Linda was absolutely fantastic! She was extremely accommodating, very helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable asking lots of questions and Linda really made us feel confident about our labour and birth. The cakes were also great!