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Relaxation Specials

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I run relaxation 'specials' for anyone needing a little time out or an opportunity to switch off. Read on to find out about the next one and book your spot!


On Friday 16th July at 8pm I am holding a special relaxation session for anyone who would like a gorgeous hour of self-care and relaxation. (Not selfish. Vital!)

This will be an opportunity to invest in yourself, rest and rejuvenate. A special hour just for you. There will be an emphasis on boosting positivity and feeling great.

The class is done with cameras off (apart from mine!) so it is truly as hour of distraction free loveliness!

What will we do in the session?

You will need to:

Grab a drink (whatever suits you best but make it a lovely one - this session is a treat!), some chocolate (or a treat of your choice), and some body lotion (we are going to be doing an awesome foot massage).

Grab a blanket

Light your favourite candle if you have one

Locate yourself somewhere super comfy and get into your pj's (optional!)

And settle down for a wonderfully soothing hour.

The session will include:

Breathing for relaxation and calm (your breath is your most powerful tool in helping you to switch off).

Gentle movement to stretch and ground you.

Wonderfully uplifting techniques to help you feel and soothed and nurtured.

A long guided relaxation where you lie back and simply switch off while I guide you with my voice.

It is going to be really bloody lovely!

The session is £5 but if things are tight for you please enter the code TIMEOUT at checkout and it will bring the total down to £0. You definitely deserve a treat. (Why not invite friends or family and enjoy a Sunday night chill together?!)

Places are limited. Can't wait to see you there ❤. 


I would recommend this course to anyone! Linda was absolutely fantastic! She was extremely accommodating, very helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable asking lots of questions and Linda really made us feel confident about our labour and birth. The cakes were also great!