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Welcome to the Mother-Hood!

The Mother-Hood is both a Zoom based and in person mum’s group for new mums and upwards. We meet fortnightly and alternate between meeting on zoom and in person. I set up the group in lockdown and it has evolved and grown. It is wonderfully supportive. We have a WhatsApp group which means mums can chat and ask questions in between meets. 

Our in-person meets are held at The Angel Pavilion in Chelmsford. This is a gorgeous new venue with loads of space, parking and a fabulous café and playground. 

What happens in a zoom class?

Gentle stretches to ease out tired muscles

Breath work for relaxation

An informal chat (a chance to share if you want to in a safe space)

A beautiful guided relaxation (you sit or lie back and I will read a guided meditation to help you switch off and chill with your baby).

Forty five minutes with a special guest expert sharing their skills and knowledge. The expert will change each week and we have a fabulous line up. Experts include a photographer (how to take the best photos of your baby on your phone); a baby wearing specialist; a feeding specialist; a makeup artist (perfecting the 3-5 min mum look); a sleep specialist; a baby massage expert; baby first aid; a post natal doula .... and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  

 The aim:

To give new mums and upwards a place to chat to others and feel supported during these crazy times.

To give you some ‘time out’ and a chance to take a well earned rest.

To provide an opportunity to learn a new skill either for yourself or with your baby.

To have fun.


What happens at the in-person meets?

These meets are totally relaxed. I bring a selection of home-baked treats to the meet and then everyone sits and munches and chats! The little ones can play and the grown-ups get looked after by me. The meets are limited to 15 grown ups (Covid restrictions) and the hall is lovely and large.


 Sessions are £5 but if that is too much of a stretch right now pop in the code MUM at checkout and it will bring the total down to £0.


I can’t wait to have you join us!






I would recommend this course to anyone! Linda was absolutely fantastic! She was extremely accommodating, very helpful and reassuring throughout the whole process. We felt comfortable asking lots of questions and Linda really made us feel confident about our labour and birth. The cakes were also great!