"When I found out my wife was pregnant I was naturally delighted, daunted and panicked like every first time expectant parent.I have spent most of my adult life wanting to be in control of what is happening around me but for the first time I felt helpless and found myself getting anxious as to how useless/helpful I would be to my wife during pregnancy, labour and when the baby arrives…certainly a situation that wouldn’t be great for my wife.

I was prepared to give anything a go if it made transition to parenthood a little easier.  To be honest I’d never heard of hypnobirthing, but with an open mind, attended a taster session with Linda where the penny dropped about a few things.We had no hesitation in signing up for the 2 day session with her at her home.It was such a relaxing environment to learn (the cakes helped, the baking was top notch J) and were able to take on board all the information she gave.Linda’s background in teaching meant that she was very patient and has a calming style which is perfect for the content she is delivering.

We both feel very informed about the whole process and feel more comfortable as and when my wife goes into labour.I feel I will be able to fully support her and have been a lot more relaxed during the second half of the pregnancy (good news for my wife!), which I believe is largely down to the hypnobirthing course.  

We now feel really confident about our birth, but feel that if any complications do happen we will be able to stay calm and relaxed through the process, using some of the techniques learnt, which can only be a good thing. I highly recommend using Linda and ‘Bun in the Oven’ for your hypnobirthing experience."

 Michael & Teresa Hadjimichael

"My husband & I recently did Linda's hypnobirthing course and it was so beneficial, the techniques and approaches to a positive & calm pregnancy and birth are remarkable. Linda has a wonderful and calming influence due to her lovely friendly nature & approach to teaching. The guidance, knowledge and skills we have gained have been so valuable, we are so grateful for Linda's dedication to hypnobirthing & would highly recommend the course."

 Natalie & Bob Neal

"We recently attended Linda's classes which were amazing - I really don't know how we would get through the birth without them and would highly recommend you try hypnobirthing especially with Linda as she is very easygoing, informative, and has excellent knowledge of hypnobirthing and its history. She was well read on the subject matter, showing us a number of perspectives allowing us to make informed decisions on what kind of birth we wanted. The course covers everything you need to know and more and I was shocked to learn how much you don't find out from your general NHS appointments, or even NCT classes. There are so many options available and choices you have that you are not aware of. Most of all this course allowed me and my husband to bond on the matter of birth and reduced our fears, we now feel empowered to make the best decisions to achieve the best birth for me and our baby. I really couldn't recommend Linda enough, you also get amazing homemade cakes, we can’t believe these classes are not part of everyone's pre-birth planning."

Victoria & Dean Blanche

"Linda was a fabulous teacher and has made us feel confident about the upcoming birth of our baby. She was able to tailor the course to our specific needs and has given us the tools to manage labour; we are even looking forward to it! I couldn't recommend the course more highly. The cake was delicious too :-) Thanks Linda."

Madeline & Paul Taylor

"Can't recommend Linda enough We both feel more prepared and are really looking forward to the birth of our baby and working as a team. The lessons were fun and really empowering and the cakes were amazing!"

Emma & David Harrison

"We have recently taken the small group classes with Linda and found those four Thursday evenings to be really enjoyable, inspiring and helpful. I have yet to try the techniques in labour but already they have been very useful for keeping us both relaxed and positive during my third trimester! Linda is wonderful to work with and we would highly recommend her HB classes."

Liz & Steve Garrod

"My husband and I recently completed a private course with Linda and I couldn't recommend her enough!

Right from the beginning, Linda was friendly, supportive and flexible – as we already have a toddler and this is my second pregnancy, Linda came to our house of an evening at a time that suited us (after our son was in bed). She also tailored the course completely to our requests and requirements, which not only demonstrated her extensive knowledge, but meant it was a really personal experience and focussed on what we needed to know.

I was induced with my first pregnancy at 41+5, and had a quick and painful experience dreading each contraction as it would build. I had a lot of fear about being induced again, and about the pain that would come with that. Working with Linda has really changed the way I view labour and birth, and has put me in a far better place mentally about this time around. I feel positive, I feel relaxed - I am actually excited about the date as and when that comes and feel comfortable that baby will arrive when it is the right time for them, and for me. The whole course dovetails really nicely as well with my wish for a water birth too.
Going forward, I will miss our evening sessions, miss the giggles we had together and miss Linda's cakes (oh my god! yummmmmmm) – but I know I will keep in touch with Linda, and keep her up to speed with how my pregnancy and birth experience go.

Linda – I won't forget my promise to give you baby cuddles around late November/early December either! Thank you for a truly great experience."

Charlotte & Andrew Wibberley

"Thank you very much for your time yesterday. It was a really positive experience which has given us a real confidence and a great deal of skills to tackle the forth coming birth of our first baby. You clearly have a deep knowledge and passion for hypnobirthing and passed it on in a really accessible way. I will keep in touch and let you know how it goes :-)"

Jan & Oli

"As a future student midwife, Linda kindly let me join in on her most recent course. If I had known about hypnobirthing when I had my children I would definitely have used the techniques! Linda is a brilliant teacher, excellent at explaining how the techniques can be used to get the most effect, and she is brilliant at listening to the concerns and worries that many of us face when pregnant, and helping couples to manage these using hypnobirthing relaxation. I look forward to hearing how the couples we worked with progress through their pregnancies aged childbirth. Thank you for welcoming me, and I will be a huge advocate for this natural method in my future career!"

Gwenda Jones

"During our maternity classes with the local NHS centre they spoke about different forms of pain relief (and just brushed over Hypnobirthing). After an internet search for Hypnobirthing, it seemed a fabulous alternative to conventional pain relief. With Hypnobirthing the onus is put back onto natural childbirth – it is after all what women are designed for.

Linda was amazing in her relaxed teaching method, with any questions answered (however stupid!). As part of this process it was encouraged to share any worries you have about childbirth with your partner. This gives you a beautiful feeling of sharing every aspect of the birthing experience. We opted for the one to one sessions with Linda. This is our first baby and it gives us the best start in what will be a relaxed birth. Linda should record her own relaxing scripts she really enables you to get into complete state of calm.

As Linda had both her children with different Hypnobirthing techniques, we felt that this gave us broader spectrum of teaching. As part of the course Linda goes through with the birthing partner, what their role is and how important they are to the birth. We found this greatly helped prepare us for what was to lie ahead."


Lucy & Graham Smith, new parents to Elliot Robert

"Hypnobirthing was the best preparation I could have chosen for giving birth. The course empowered me and my husband and filled us with confidence. One of the best aspects of the experience is the unity it brings between you and your partner, giving them a valuable role too.

Although not a naturally 'relaxed' person, the course taught me how to slow down and relax at a deeper level. This was invaluable when birthing, as I knew not to tense my body but to work with it. I opted for a home water birth and needed no drugs. It was the most empowering experience of my life.

Hypnobirthing takes away the fear and puts you in control of your birth. Linda is a great teacher, and clearly so passionate about what she does. I really believe that this course is the best preparation you can undertake in your journey to becoming parents – I would recommend it to anyone."

Polly & Chris Williams, new parents to Emma

"Thanks Linda for such a fantastic course. After our 4 sessions together I am feeling calm, confident and ready to have a fantastic natural birth the way I want it. Even my husband who in all honesty was sceptical about the course is now visibly more relaxed and confident about the birth and the role that he can play in bringing our baby into the world. I cannot recommend your course to other mums-to-be enough."

Helen & Matt Pells

"Thanks Linda for a fab course I feel calm and confident and we have been practising everyday. Hypnobirthing is such a great course. It really relaxes you and prepares you for giving birth to your baby in the most natural way possible. It has given my husband a focus while we prepare for labour. Like most men he was very sceptical about it but enjoyed it as much as I did and would recommend it to anyone who is expecting."

Sue & Rob Selvage

"My husband and I have recently had the pleasure of undertaking this course with Linda. Being my 2nd pregnancy, I was in two minds about what I could achieve, however following a taster session, I found myself more and more intrigued by everything I was hearing and was surprised that I started to look upon my first birth far more positively than at anytime before. I can honestly say I am surprised at how little I knew of my own body and it's capabilities and feel extremely empowered and confident by my newly obtained knowledge! I also feel that the classes have helped me hugely in achieving a more positive outlook generally in many other aspects of life, which although may not have been the intention are an added bonus! Linda approached the course with extreme professionalism but at the same time instantly made us feel at ease about what could be an awkward topic, particularly for my husband who was possibly a little more sceptical than I was initially! He is now fully on board with my preference for a home birth! Thank you Linda. I am truly looking forward to the birth of our next little addition and being able to put all the practice to the test!"

Emma & Ian Jolly