I discovered hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my first child, George. A good friend of mine had just had a baby and she described his birth as the most ‘romantic and amazing’ experience of her life. I was shocked. These are not the words usually associated with giving birth! I had to find out more...My husband and I signed up to classes in my local area and completed the course. It completely changed my perception of giving birth and left me feeling empowered, confident and really excited at the prospect. I went on to have a fantastic home birth, in a birth pool with no pain relief needed. Hypnobirthing gave me the tools to achieve this. I have since gone on to have two more children; Poppy and Arthur. They were also birthed at home and in water.

I felt so privileged to have stumbled upon hypnobirthing because it made my birthing experiences so positive and so many of my friends had not been so fortunate. I want all women to have access to this course so they can in turn have a wonderful birth. 

I was a secondary school teacher for 9 years and absolutely loved inspiring young people and encouraging them to develop new interests and passions. After having my second child I decided to combine my teaching experience and my enthusiasm for hypnobirthing and train to be a hypnobirthing teacher myself. I trained with The Hypnobirthing Association.

I am thrilled that my teaching has taken a new direction. I have now taught over 100 couples and teaching women and their birth partners is incredibly valuable as birthing your child is one of the most important events in any persons’ life.


I had no idea what hypnobirthing was when a friend recommended it to me during my pregnancy in 2014. A google search led me to Bun in the Oven and my husband and I had no doubts about signing up to the course after attending a Taster Session with Linda. I noticed a change in how I viewed both my pregnancy and the upcoming birth even before the course had ended. For the first time since discovering I was pregnant, I was actually looking forward to giving birth rather than feeling like it was something I was going to have to endure and for the rest of my pregnancy I had a real sense of calm. I gave birth to my daughter in hospital and although the birth was not without complications, it was an amazing experience and a testament to the fact that hypnobirthing works even when your birth is not entirely straight forward.

Shortly after having Dottie, I made the decision to train as a hypnobirthing teacher and went on to be taught by Katharine Graves through The Hypnobirthing Association. After working in a corporate environment in the City for many years, it is a privilege to now have the opportunity to spend time with expectant women and their birth partners at such a pivotal time in their lives. I firmly believe that hypnobirthing can work for all types of birth and I want to enable other women to have the positive birth experience that I did.